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Get Outstanding Mani-Pedis From These Virginia Beach Nail Salons

Stunning nails could be your key to a terrific day. Besides making you feel good, they'll help you make a great first impression. An expert technician can give you the best look. We've rounded up three near our Town Center Apartments to spruce you up.

The Nail Shop

Yes, The Nail Shop stocks nails. But theirs are pretty, elegant, colorful acrylic nails and extensions, not steel ones. Additionally, they have gel and regular nail polish if you want something other than nail enhancements. Their technicians will treat you to breathtaking nail art. You can also choose full mani-pedis and enjoy options like a floral or honey-scented indulgence.

HappyLand Nails & Spa (Nail Works)

This nail spa's location blends it conveniently into your shopping mall spree. It lives up to its name by being a Happyland, too, with charming staff. Your nails will agree that their expertise is equally pleasing. They listen attentively and give you your preferred shape, art, and color. Their full treatments are also top-notch. Immerse your feet in a blissful paradise, leaving them rejuvenated and ageless. While at HappyLand, you can treat your eyebrows too.

Creative Nails 

Be ready to experience astounding nail art creativity. And it doesn't stop there. Their customer service, cleanliness, and professionalism are also superb. Whether served by the owner or staff, everyone at Creative Nails strives for a first-rate experience. Stay until the end for their therapeutic unbelievable foot massage.

Flaunt your magnificent nails holding a glass in these eateries serving mocktails. Or enjoy drinks in your outdoor kitchen at our Virginia Beach, VA apartments. You can live at the heart of all these amenities. Give us a call, and our leasing team will get you started.

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