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Spend a Fun-Filled Day at Virginia Beach's Military Aviation Museum

If you enjoy learning about planes, head to the Military Aviation Museum. Called a "must-see" attraction, it features historical structures and flying vintage military aircraft on 130 acres. Here is some of what you can discover near our Town Center apartments:

Henri Farre and the Birth of Combat Aviation 

Found throughout the museum's main building, the paintings of Henri Farre highlight the aircraft, airfield life, and aerial combat of World War I. When the war started, Henri was a portrait painter living in Buenos Aires. He returned to his home country of France to join in the fight. Henri participated in daytime fights and nighttime raids and turned his sketches and notes into more than 170 oil paintings. 

Water Tower 

Standing high above the museum, the water tower once stood in Tennessee. It's believed to have originated from a World War II airfield site in Kentucky and makes the local airport easier to spot from the sky. Water towers like this were often the first structures built on new airfields to provide water pressure for showers for construction workers. 

De Havilland DH.98 Mosquito 

Mainly built out of wood, the Mosquito earned the nickname the Wooden Wonder. In 1941, it was one of the world's fastest planes. The mosquito could hold up to 4,000 pounds of bombs and filled an array of roles, including night fighter and photo reconnaissance. 

Become a Volunteer 

To share your passion for aviation history, become a volunteer. While a number of veterans donate their time, no service experience is necessary to join the ranks. Duties include providing tours and working with the museum's education department.

For another way to get out and explore, head to the d'Art Center. Finally, to become a resident of Columbus Station, please contact us. We will gladly offer a tour where you can discover our apartments in Virginia Beach, VA firsthand. 

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