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The Best Spots for Birdwatching Around Virginia Beach

If you enjoy birdwatching, Virginia Beach is one of the best places in the country to watch for nature's feathery friends. About 400 species have been recorded here, and you never know what you might see. The best birdwatching sites near our Virginia Beach apartments include:

Pleasure House Point Natural Area 

Spanning 118 acres, the Pleasure House Point Natural Area is a popular stop among local bird watchers. The property was once considered for large waterfront development. Today, it's the largest undeveloped parcel of land along the Lynnhaven River. You'll find a range of habitats, from a tidal marsh to a maritime forest. These habitats welcome dozens of bird species, and you may be lucky enough to spot a western tanager. Other birds may include black skimmers, yellow-crowned night herons, and American oystercatchers. 

Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge 

Established in 1938, Back Bay provides feeding and resting habitats for migratory birds. It's also home to over eight miles of trails perfect for an afternoon of birdwatching fun. Thousands of ducks, tundra swans, and Canadian geese visit Back Bay during the fall/winter migration. You may also spot bald eagles, brown pelicans, and even some loggerhead sea turtles. 

Princess Anne Wildlife Management Area 

At the Princess Anne Wildlife Management Area, two of the three tracts are reachable by car. The Trojan Marsh tract offers a launch for wildlife viewers with a boat, while the Whitehurst tract boasts marshes, weedy fields, and pine woodland. The Whitehurst area is also home to white-tailed deer and a range of bird species. Depending on the season, you may spot birds like great egrets, blue-winged teals, and American bitterns. 

For another way to spend time outdoors, enjoy an exciting boat tour. Finally, if you would like to call Columbus Station home, please contact us. Our leasing team will show you all that our vibrant apartment community has to offer.

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